Saturday, July 23, 2005

Moving On Out...

The decision has been made -- we will be moving to Spokane (or the Valley) relatively soon.

We never meant to stay here that long anyway, CDA was just convenient, what with Jenny's folks moving down here. But the whole point of moving away from Fairbanks was to get out of our rut, open up new opportunities, meet new people, work on our art, that sort of thing.

So far, CDA really hasn't helped us do any of these. We're letting ourselves get stuck in new ruts... Jenny hates working at Hastings; I like Borders, but I'm sick of the politics of being a supervisor (although I'm enjoying the pay).

But if we move to Spokane, we can both get decent jobs, get a better apartment for less money in a better location and be closer to the few real friends we have down here.

We've already started looking for apartments, now I've got to tell my boss that I want to leave the store and try to transfer, and Jenny has to find a new job.

More updates will follow as we figure out exactly what we're doing....

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