Monday, July 25, 2005

Things Are Moving FAST!

All right, so it's been less then a week since we decided to move to the Spokane area because our building just came up for sale. We are no longer under contract (lease is over), so we can move as we please. We are tired of this crap-ass place anyway. Peter has talked to his boss about transfering from his Borders to the one in Spokane already, so we knew things were moving fast... I had given my resume to Peter's boss to give to his wife, and I was hoping to hear back from them, but realistically, I wasn't expecting it before Noon on Monday morning. I was going to tell my boss on Saturday about the fact that Peter and I would be moving in the next month or so, but I had chickened out and decided to wait till I had a better idea of when we were going. So I just got over the shock of talking to the woman who works at the same place Peter's bosses' wife works, and she seems interested in me, even though somehow, the last page of my resume got lost on the way to her. The part that has my education, GPA, and my list of skills. So the first question she asked me was if I knew how to use a computer. So I said yes, and listed the first 3 programs I know how to use: Word, Excel, Explorer. I know more, but my mind blanked. Then she asked when would be the earliest I could start, I said 2 weeks. She wanted to know if I was free today for an interview, but I have to work at 4PM, but I have the whole day off tomorrow. So I might, if I interview well, have a new and better (much better) paying job in 2 weeks.
So the story behind this job is when Peter's boss Sean moved up here with his family, his wife went to work at Buget Blinds. It was her and her boss, a woman Sean's wife, Lisa, didn't feel was doing the amount of work she could be doing. They were catching up after being understaffed for a long time, when the bigger bosses came through to inspect the remote business. They also felt that Lisa's boss wasn't pulling her weight, so demoted her to Lisa's job, and promoted Lisa to the boss position. Lisa told Sean that it was only a matter of time before the lady quit, and he knew from both Peter and talking to me, that I needed a better job, so he asked for my resume, and then gave it to Lisa, who aparently gave it to the right person who liked what she saw and called me as soon as possible. Cool huh? The good jobs are always about who you know, but with my current job, I always have a random schedule, so I could never take the time to get to know other places or other people outside of work. So I didn't know someone who has a friend who knows someone kind of thing. But Sean, he hasn't been here half a year and he already knows people who know people. But I'm thinking he's much more of a go-getter then I am. He's also got about 10 years on me, and has been the top manager at several Border's stores, so he's used to talking to people and making connections. Anywho, I'm excited and nervous. Now I have to mention that I might (hopefully) be leaving to my boss, and then if I get the other job, I have to quit and go through the last 2 weeks of barely repressed envy and resentment from my co-workers and supervisors. Although, the big boss at my work is notorious for cutting short the hours of people who give their 2 weeks notice, so I might get out early, but then again, as I'm a manager and a key holder, he might get as much out of me as he can. I don't know. All right, I've blathered on enough.

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