Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Productive Day Off

Let's see what's been happening:

  1. I told Sean we were moving. He's sorry I'm leaving, but he'll do what he can to get me a good job over at the Spokane store. There's still the off chance I could get a Supervisor job over there (I'd take Merch or Inventory), but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. Jenny had her interview with Budget Blinds today. It went really well, and she's virtually got the job. They're just waiting on the background check, but that's really a formality. So...
  3. She put in her two-week notice today with Hastings. this makes Jenny very happy.
  4. We're looking at apartments. There's one so far that looks really good, more out in the Valley, but that's fine (better for her commute, and I'll be taking the bus regardless, so it doesn't really matter to me).
  5. Went up north and checked out the Spokane store, to see how it's layed out and stuff. They apparently have no one who looks after their Graphic Novels and Comics. I really wanted to just sit down on the floor and start rearranging everything right there, but I'll get my chance eventually....
  6. Tigger's getting her house in about 2 weeks; she's deliriously happy about that.
  7. Oh, and I've had a reaffirming desire to work on art again. Yay!

Otherwise, works going fairly peachy. It's a lot easier to go to work when you know you're not going to be there forever. Shirley's coming on Friday, and Merch (for this week) got completed. Monday night, me and Victoria actually got done early, and had time to put everything away. the store really looked nice!

Hopefully, I'll know on Thursday when I go back to work what kind of openings are available for me at Spokane. I'm planning on spending tomorrow going through the paper looking for apartments, drawing, maybe a little writing, reading my book, maybe watch a movie and generally just enjoy my day off since I don't have anything to worry about facing when I go back to work.

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