Sunday, July 31, 2005

Spontanious Combustion

It is about 98 degrees F outside, hotter inside my truck which was sitting with the sun on the drivers' side. I keep a hoodie in my truck all the time in case I get cold in the winter, or to cover the seat and stearing wheel during the summer. So I was smart enough to use the hoodie, and between lunch and getting off work was... Oh, 4 hours, most of which was spent in direct sunlight. Nr. No wonder it was so freaking hot. Anyways, I'm still not acclimatized from living in Alaska all my life, and everytime the temperature goes above 90 F and my skin is contacted by direct sunlight, I feel like I'm going to catch fire. Even 80 F is still too hot for me. As much as I whine about missing Alaska, and how much this place sucks, I'm still glad I'm not there anymore. Maybe someday I'll visit in February and then I'll remember one of the main reasons why I left in the first place. Brrrr! But for now, I'm going to have ice cream for dinner and sit in front of the fan! Note to self... Get AC with next apartment/house!!!

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