Sunday, August 21, 2005

Things Falling Into Place

Sunday is our one day off together, so it's our day to "get things done". So we started the day by not setting the alarm and sleeping in, because we sure did need it....

Today was relatively productive. We found a few more potential apartments, although only one of them had office hours on Sunday, but we went and looked at that one, got our name down as interested and picked up applications. While in the Valley we drove by another complex down the street that wasn't open but sounds (and looks) really nice. We'll have to check that one out on Wednesday after Jenny gets off work. I also picked up an app at Michaels while we were there, but they're only hiring for Seasonal at the moment, but you never know, something might come open.

We also got the whole deal with our rent resolved (atleast for now). She (our landlord) just wants us to pay our September rent like normal and to wait for the refund to kick back to us and then we'll take care of this month. She knows we're good for it, and we've always paid our rent on time before. Of course, the irony is that this will be the last month we'll be paying, since we've decided to put in our 30 days at the end of August.

We we're talking today and decided that getting a good place to live should be our #1 priority, followed by me finding a new job after we figure out exactly where we'll be living. I realized today that I can't really accept the Inventory Supervisor position since we don't know when or where we'll be moving, especially since she want's someone in the position by the 6th of September.... not very realistic.

So, I won't say never, but this looks like it'll probably be goodbye to Borders Inc. for now. I figure I'll put in my 2 weeks mid-month and work till the end of September, since we'll be moving at the beginning of October (fingers crossed).

After we got back to town, we stopped by Gamer's Haven and I picked up the new Wood Elf book, Jenny got some Chinese food at a place we haven't tried yet, and then we went home and watched Fox cartoons for the rest of the night. Jenny's already headed to bed, and I think I'll be nodding off soon too, I'll need to be getting up not too much later than her. Jeff's giving me a ride into work tomorrow but I'll be going in an hour early. Yay....

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