Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Another Day Off

Another day off, with relative acccomplishment....

Sean dropped me off in town, theoretically so I could go job-hunting, but that wasn't really successful. I wandered around for a while, went down to the park, filled out one application and turned it in (Barnes & Noble).

After Jenny got off work, we did go look at another apartment, this one off of Pines, which looked really nice. Lot's of potential there. I'm taking next Saturday off so we can run around and look at more places and turn in applications to places we've already seen.

And on the "we need to move" front: There was a knock on the door last night around 8pm, and it turned out to be Damien, the kid down stairs (from the loud apartment with the drunk husband). He's got a cast on his leg (which would explain the wheelchair that keeps showing up downstairs), and wants to know if he can use our phone. We ask him why, and he says he needs to call his parole officer! He's like 14 or 15 tops! Yeah, we definately need to move.

Jennie (Jenny's best friend; I'll spell them differently to differentiate) did have her baby today! Eric's mom called and left us a message, and Jenny called back and talked to Eric's sister (Eric is Jennie's husband, BTW). Apparently mother and son are doing just fine, although she did have to have a caesarean. Jenny hopes to be able to talk to Jennie soon, but Jennie will probably be in the hospital for a few more days, recuperating.

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