Saturday, September 10, 2005

"And We Would have Gotten Away With It, Too, If It Wasn't For You Darn Kids..."

We called the Western Union people today and after I punched some random numbers, I was able to break through to a real live person! Jenny talked to the operator, and found out that both MOs had been cashed on the 8th of August and that we should be receiving the copies by the 15th. And lo and behold, I checked the mail and they came today.

So we open them up and check the endorsement on the back to see who deposited them.... Vintage Acquisitions, our landlord's company! They had our money this whole time and said they'd never received it, and we paid the extra $24 to find out otherwise. And because they didn't know they already had the money, and thought we still owed them, they might have cost us the apartment we wanted! Grrrrr..... We should be getting the money back from them "sometime this week".

And thus ends the Mystery of the Missing Money Orders....

Jenny's over at Heidi's right now for her Mary Kay open house, so atleast she's getting to spend some time with her friends on her day off. After she gets back, we'll be heading into Spokane to pick up our comics (yay!) and a Spokane newspaper (so's I can find me a J.O.B. and maybe a house). I'll probably try to get some packing done today as well; I brought home a stack of boxes from work last night, so I can start boxing up books. We'll see how that goes....

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