Friday, September 16, 2005

So Close We Can Taste It....

We've tentatively, maybe, hopefully gotten into the apartment we want. Everything checked out OK on us, except for "some thing about still owing money to a landlord". So now we're waiting on our landlord to e-mail the apartment people with a statement saying that we had in fact paid all of our rent, and that it was a big misunderstanding (and their fault not ours).

I'm calling the apartment this afternoon -- just to make sure they got it.

Still nothing on the job front, but getting the apartment is #1 priority for now. I had Earlee call over to Waldens yesterday to see if there were any openings, but the only thing they had coming was the calendar kiosk during the holidays, so that'd be a no. And B&N only wanted me for the cafe, so that was a no go as well.

We went to see Sky High last night at the discount cinemas, which was extremely cheesy and entertaining. Convenient that we were the only people in the theatre, since we were laughing and talking through the whole thing. And that's why we love the discount cinemas.... (that and they're cheap-ass!) Also saw Transporter 2 recently. Also rediculous as all hell and just as entertaining. But Luc Besson can basically do no wrong in my book. Oh, and it turns out he's writing childrens books now. Who'd a thunk it?

Started trying to teach myself Illustrator (and really learn how to use Photoshop). I've got the dem for Ill. 10 and PS 5 right now, but my brother's looking to get me copies of the CS versions soon, which will be awe-some. I needs to learn myself some real skills so I can get myself a real job.

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