Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Say What!?!

Does no one understand the words that are coming out of my mouth? I love Chris Tucker, but his words are appropriate today. So last weekend, Peter and I dropped off our applications at one of the places we liked for appartments, and saw "Transporter 2" and otherwise just relaxed.

I spent today answering the phone every minute (literally) because some automated calling service has our number at work and we have to answer the phone each time with the whole "Thank you for calling Budget Blinds. This is Jenny." schpiel. There is only dead air whenever we pick up the phone, but we are pretty sure it is a telemarketer, or at least the calling service machine thing. This has been going on since Monday last week, but the number of phone calls had gone down each day till there was only one or two each hour on Friday. Verizon said there was nothing they could do about it. It wasn't that we were having problems with the lines, anyone could call in, it was just that someone/thing was calling us too, but not talking to us when we picked up. So today was the worst day for these calls ever. Our boss had us writing down the time the dead call came in, and he would talk to the phone company to try to track the number(s) down and have them blocked. After about 2 1/2 hours, with some phone calls coming in at the same time and tying up 2 or more of our phone lines, and between 10 and 11 AM, there being 2 calls every minute, sometimes every 2 minutes, he took our colums of times and called the phone company. I don't know what conclusion they came to, but I know they didn't get the calls stopped. At least the calls scaled back to 1 every 5 to 10 minutes though.

So... After that kinda day, I get home and there is a call on the answering machine from the landlord, saying that besides the Aug. rent that got lost in the mail (literally), she hadn't got the Sept. rent either, and that she had gotten a call from the place we put in our application and wanted to know what the hell was going on, 'cause she hadn't heard from us that we were leaving. Following that was a call from my Mom saying that she had just gotten off the phone with our landlord and that she was a huge bitch. So I called the landlord and repeated what Peter had already told her about the fact that we had to send in the originals of our money orders to the Western Union place, all in writing, and that we have to wait 30 days while they track it down. I don't know why we couldn't do it online and why they couldn't track it over the 'net, but I think it's because they're fucking stupid! I then told the landlord that we have the money to cover that rent (again), and that she could have it tomorrow. So she said she'd pick it up after Peter and I get home from work. I told her that Peter had dropped the Sept. rent off with her secretary on Friday (turns out it was on Thursday!) and she said she'd give it to the landlord. So if the landlord hasn't been to her own job since Thursday, when she KNEW that Peter would be dropping off the rent (he called HER to get the exact address to her work), I don't know what the fuck she's been doing. And about the fact she didn't know about us moving out, Peter didn't get it written up till last night, then when my Mom was driving him to work, he had her stop by the landlord's job on the way to his to drop off the 30 days notice. I didn't know he went to her work when I talked to her, but neither did she, so I told her that it was put in the mail today. It blew the wind out of her tirade sails, but WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!?!! Pissed me off to no end that our ending with this place would be so... STUPID!!!

So... Then I talked to Mom, who was also pissed, and she only talked to the landlord for a few minutes. The landlord said that she was updating her files and needed our "new" phone number. Which is bullshit, she's called us here several times over the past year and more, plus her husband or whatever has called us once or twice too. So I don't know why she lied to my Mom, but that was wierd. I calmed my Mom down, then called Peter, who had talked to Mom too, but earlier when this all went down. The landlord didn't call Peter at work, and I guess she doesn't know that I no longer work at Hastings, 'cause on the mesage she left on the machine said no to call her too late, like Midnight when I got off work. Nr.

So... That's my bitch/rant. I needed to get that out. I LOVE my new job by the way, and my bank finally deposited my $700. paycheck today which I love too.

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