Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tonight, on COPS: Coeur d'Alene....


Just as we were thinking about trying to get to bed early, we start hearing shouting from downstairs. "Yay" we think, more drunken stupidity to keep us up all night.

Not drunk tonight, just stupid.

Then, there's a knock on the door; it's one of our new neighbors from all the way downstairs - she's in tears and want's to use our phone to call the police.... It was her boyfriend that we heard outside, and apparently he's not drunk, he's just loud, unstable, just a smidge bit violent, and threatening to kill himself and possibly her. Yeah. "Yay for us."

We're good people, however, so we let her in to call 911, listen to her tell the dispatcher all of her problems, and eventually the police come and talk to her and walk her downstairs. They haven't been back (thank God), so now Jenny is attempting to sleep (with the big-ass fan on to muffle any noise) while I stayed up on the odd chance someone came back. I'm thinking it's time for bed soon....

Reason #4,168 why we need to get the hell out of this apartment.

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