Monday, November 21, 2005


I talked to Glen today! I had sent him a postcard a few days ago when I realized I still had an address for him. I figured it was a shot in the dark, but even though (or because) he's moved around a bunch, he still has the same PO Box. So anyway, he called, we chatted for a while, catching up. He doesn't have a phone at his new place yet, but as soon as he gets a phone or an e-mail address we'll try to keep in touch more. Very cool.

Jenny talked to Jennie, and they're going to get together on the 1st, after Jenny's not working anymore. Jamie called tonight, but we didn't get the call, so we'll try to catch him tomorrow night. I need to call Tigger as well, since she should be back from Seattle now (she went back for the weekend).

We went to see Harry Potter 4 on Saturday; it was... pretty good. I really liked most of it, but the ending seemed a bit anti-climactic. I don't really like these deus ex machina endings (like the 1st one) where Harry somehow beats Voldemort for no discernable reason. Yeah, I know it's supposed to be magic, but come on! They have been getting progressively better, and the acting was really good in this one, and I was just expecting this one to be so much better than the last one (which I would have to say is my favorite so far). Maybe I raised my expectations too high.... But we'll probably go see atleast once more in the theatre, and it's still way better than most of the garbage out right now.

The whole HP series is on my "to read" list right now. I've put them off until now, but I figure I can speed thru them pretty quick once I get going. I finally finished the Tim Powers trilogy I was on, so now it's time for some total fluff reading. Jenny's finishing The Light Ages, and read Neuromancer before that. Now she's on Game of Thrones, which she says is excellent, so maybe that'll be the next series to start once I'm done with HP.

Still no luck on the job-front. I've put some more applications in, but no word back from anyone yet. Barnes & Noble is hiring again, and I dropped off a new resume, but their only hiring for seasonal right now. But if they are anything like Borders, they'll keep the good employees on after the holiday season. It would be good no-brain work regardless. We recieved our debit cards from our new bank today, so as soon as all the money unfreezes, we'll have access to all the money in that account, which will be very convenient. Now we just need our checks to arrive, so we can pay our rent this month.

Of course Thursday is Thanksgiving, and we'll be going over to the parents' house to gorge ourselves on Turkey. Jenny's uncle David is supposed to be there (one I haven't met yet). Oh, and Jenny gets a 4 day weekend with the holiday, so that's always nice.

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