Sunday, November 27, 2005

Furniture Shuffle

We finally got the queen-sized bed from Tigger's place, and moved the futon into the living room to replace the couch. The couch has now found a home at Jamie and Maria's place, since their little couch was literally falling apart. While the original plan was to move the futon into the office and turn that room into the "entertainment room", we really like it as the office now.

The apartment is really coming together now; it actually feels comfortable. It feels more like a home than the other place ever did. We've still got some to unpack, but it'll get done eventually.

We're both fairly sick right now. Jenny's allergies have flared up and we both might have sinus infections. We went out to Safeway tonight and stocked up on soup and medicine. I suggested to Jenny that she should call in sick tomorrow - what are they going to do, fire her?

I've got to keep this short for now. The NyQuil I took is kicking in and I'm feeling drowsy, I'd better wrap this up.

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