Tuesday, November 01, 2005

First Post from the New Place

We are back on-line. Hurrah! Verizon doesn't service the Valley. Comcast might, or it might not, they're not sure. Vonage does, but we need a DSL line first. So, we ended up going with Qwest anyway. They offered the cheapest DSL (thanks to an online special they were running), and if we do want to get wireless phones down the line, we'll have everything on one bill, for convenience sake.

We've been moved into the new place since the 8th, and so far, except for a couple of glitches, everything has been fairly smooth.

So, let me now give you the grand tour of our tiny abode....


The most "finished" room in the house, so to speak; we're decorating in Blue & Penguins. The rest of the room is through the door you can see in the mirror, but I figured no one really wanted to see the toilet and shower...


Still a lot of unpacking to do in here. Lots of boxes of clothes that need to find homes; and, of course, lots of comic boxes. We're in the process of reorganizing our comics - we want to replace a lot of our collection with trade paperbacks and put the rest of the issues in shortboxes. Those long boxes are a pain to move (and are starting to fall apart from the stress).

Dining Room:

The "dining room" area is going to be our "painting" area, with all of Jenny's art stuff and all our gaming stuff. We still don't have a table so we don't really have a good gaming surface. It's still on "the list", though. We'll probably get some sort of large folding table we can stash out of the way when not in use.


The kitchen, in all it's grandeur. Unfortuneately we don't have as much storage/cupboard space here as the old apartment, but we never used all the space we had at the old place anyway. It's a kitchen, and atleast it's clean. I'm not a fan of that tile, though...

Living Room:

We have an air conditioner! And just in time for winter, so we don't reall need it. We haven't even tried it out it, but I'm not worried about it, since here we've got reliable on-site maintenance people who actually fix things (and don't drag their kids around with them and aren't falling down drunk). The patio door there goes out to the deck. It's smallish, but nice.

The space where we have Jenny's paintings and canvas and stuff stacked up is unfortunately right where the heat ducts are. The plan is to build some sort of simple free standing rack system to hold large canvas and such that we can place theres o they won't be leaning up against the heater. Otherwise, the living room will be cold this winter...

We also have a fireplace! The walls are still a bit bare in here, and the boxes all over the floor are filled with CDs and CD binders that don't have a place to live yet. We'll probably need another book case at this rate. The "entertainment center" there is courtesy of Borders and is very cool. It's all metal, has no screws, etc. and is super-sturdy. I wish all furniture was like this. Plus, it was free!


Again we took the larger bedroom and turned it into the 'office" - basically my studio + Jenny's computer + lots of books. We still wanted to try to turn it into the "entertainment room", but we couldn't fit the couch in here either. We might be getting a real bed from Tigger, and if that happens we'll make the futon into the new couch and move it in here (since we know it will fit).

Anyway, this is my bit of the office - I really need a new drawing table; I've had this one since I was in High School.

Jenny's computer desk and stuff are on the opposite wall. And still more boxes of stuff...

Here's the office from the opposite angle, showing our slowly growing DVD collection, more books and -- a Washer & Dryer! The dryer didn't work when we moved in, but our trusty maintenance guys came in and worked their magic, and now we can wash clothes with impunity

More books, more boxes, and lots of games. The door you can see is our fairly large closet that connects to the bathroom. This is supposed to be the Master Bedroom, after all.

Not pictured is the indoor pool, hot tub, exercise room, lounge and tennis court. All in all, this place is pretty nice. Our neighbors are noisy on the weekends - loud friends who they go partying with; lots of shouting and slamming doors. Atleast they keep it to the weekend. They also have a yippie dog, but we usually can't hear it. The only really annoying thing is the loud, pounding bass of their rap music. And their apartment (the end unit) was supposed to be ours, but it wasn't ready yet, and we were in a hurry to get into a place. Just a bit ironic...

On the work-front, I'm still looking, but haven't found anything spectacular yet. But I need to find something sooner, as opposed to later; our money situation is fine right now, but I need to be bringing in a paycheck and saving money again.

Jenny's job at Budget Blinds has been really great, but it may not be lasting. The one she's at is switching from a corporate branch to a franchise store, and the manager/soon-to-be-owner needs an accountant/book keeper. And when he hires said accountant, there's a good chance it will be at the cost of Jenny's position. She'll find out for sure soon, but she might be laid off on December 1st when they switch over.

But she's got a lot of office experience and it'll be a really good reference for her, and I have no doubt she'll be able to find a similar job much closer to home, so she won't have to commute across the state line to Post Falls every day. With the price of gas the way it is, the cost of the drive to work and back is insane, especially in her truck.

On a lighter note, we went to see Doom with Josh, and it was far better than I was expecting! I've never been a big fan of the game, but the movie was actually a fairly decent sci-fi action flick. Very entertaining, and I even jumped a couple of times. The Rock is getting better, and Karl Urban (who was more of the main hero than The Rock), has the potential to become a decent action hero.

We found that the nearby theatre has "retro-movie" nights every Thursday, where they show older movies. Last week we saw The Princess Bride on the big screen, and last night they had a special Halloween night showing of Aliens. Awesome. This coming Thursday it's going to be Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Tigger and Lincoln are going to join us. Should be fun - I see a Denny's in our future for after the show...

Star Wars Episode VI came out today, and I really want to run out and rent it, but it can wait -- we've got lots of TV to watch tonight! New episodes of House and Bones are both on tonight, and we've got last night's new episode of Prisonbreak that we taped as well. We're really turning into network TV junkies, but there's actually good (or atleast entertaining) shows on this season! Besides those three, there's Medium, Threshold, all of the various CSIs and Law & Order: SVU (which I have yet to catch a new episode of yet). It seems that Scrubs has dissappeared, but we've still got Arrested Development, as well as My Name is Earl, American Dad, Family Guy and King of the Hill (in it's last season, I believe) Heck, even Simpsons is getting better again. What is happening to us...?

I guess that's enough rambling for now. We now return you to your regularly scheduled internet.


sCruuw said...

cool looking place! Very nice

Peter said...

Thanks! It's not much, but we like it. Way better than the hellhole we were in previously.