Friday, November 04, 2005

Geek Geek Geek

Had another retro-movie night last night -- we went to see Raiders of the Lost Ark with Tigger and Lincoln. It's nice being able to actually hang out with our friends again; heck, it's nice having one of our friends in the same area code again! The Raiders print was alot better than the last couple of retro-movies we saw. They said it was a new print straight from Paramount, but it didn't look exactly new.... But I did notice a couple of little details that I've apparently missed on the small screen, so that was cool. I'm 99% certain that I went to see Raiders in the theatre when I was a kid, but I really don't remember the experience either. It came out the same year as Empire Strikes Back (I think), and I know I didn't see that on the big screen.

No word yet on Jenny's job situation. Her boss was supposed to give her an answer by the end of this week, and we're almost there. I haven't found anything interesting either, but I guess I really don't know exactly what I'm looking for either. I suppose the optimist in me says "well, you'll know it when you find it!". Yeah, right...

Looks like we might be lucky enough to have a game store near by. We've passed a place called House of Games on Pines; at first I assumed it was just another video game store, but I'm pretty sure I saw Games Workshop racks thru the window as we zoomed by. I did a search on-line for them, and they don't have a web site, but they've hosted tournys for WizKids and the Warlord CCG, so my guess is they're a "real" game store.

That'll be really convenient, even more so if it's a cool shop. We love Bob's shop (Gamer's Haven), but it's in CDA, so it's a pain to get to. And Merlyns has lots of stuff, and a good space for gaming, but it's got that whole grimy comic shop permeated with gamer funk thing going on, which isn't very inviting to us somewhat normal folks.

I'm really psyched about getting back into gaming again, and have finally figured out what armies I need to focus on (me being Easily-Distracted-Lad). I've got my Chaos marines to work on, but I really want a Necron army, since I realized I actually enjoyed playing Chris's Necrons. However, Jenny doesn't play 40K, and I need to get a job before I start collecting another army, so for now I'll just concentrate on Warmachine and Warhammer Fantasy. I've got plenty of stuff to paint for my Khador, and I've put my Empire on the back burner (too much to paint/don't really know what I want to do with them/not a good enough player to win with them) in favor of a Khorne infantry army. Much less to paint, more opportunities to convert, and much more forgiving play wise. The Necron army is gnawing at my brain, however; I've already made up some viable army lists on Army Builder and figured out how to build a 2000 pt army, entirely from plastics, that will fit in two trays of a GW figure case...

I'm thinking I might want to start a seperate Blog just for gaming, to document my progress with army building and for battle reports and the like.

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