Sunday, November 06, 2005

Weekend Update

This weekend was actually very relaxing and enjoyable. We made a point to spent the whole weekend together and I'd call it a success.

After Jenny got home from work on Friday, we decided we had to get groceries, since there was basically no real food in the house. We did some hard-core grocery shopping at Safeway, and also stopped at The House of Games while we were there. This place is like a mini-Revolution! It's just a game store, so it doesn't sell comics like our store did, but the feel and look of the place is so similar. It's brightly lit, clean but cluttered (lots of empty candy boxes behind the counter), there's slatwall on every wall, even the the tables are the same white ones we got from Sam's Club.

There's a back gaming area that's seperate from the retail area like Revolution had, and there were customers at the tables in front just hanging out and painting minis (just like Revolution). It was kind of surreal actually. The owner said his name was Andrew, and he seemed to be a real nice, normal guy, who greeted us as soon as we came in and was super-professional. His stock was not very impressive, but then that kind of reminded me of our store at times. Regardless, I did go ahead and pick up the Necron Codex, which he charged me less than cover price for, so that's always good....

After we got home it was lounging around eating turkey and soup and watching Friday night television, per usual. I'm not even sure when we finally got to bed, although I think Jenny turned in before I did.

Saturday was spent basically doing nothing. We never even left the house on Saturday, and spent most of the day on the couch watching movies we've seen a hundred times already but never get old (Comfort Movies?). Jenny cut my hair, so I look respectable again, and I'm going to try and keep clean shaven, atleast during the week. Jenny got some work done on the blanket she's making and I spent some time priming and rebasing some minis. Saturday was just relaxing.

Today was our weekly jaunt over to Coeur d'Alene to see Jenny's folks and our friends at Borders. We try to go over on Sundays so we can go through the last week's worth of papers (mostly to read the funnies), although Sean, Josh and Jeff never work on Sundays, so we never get to see them, which is unfortunate.

The normal Sunday crowd was at Borders, and we actually bought something; Jenny has this idea for a story that's based in roughly the same time period as Beowulf, so she picked up Michael Crichton's Eaters of the Dead, and The 13th Warrior (the movie based on it). She already has a copy of Beowulf, but there's just not a lot of books out there written about that time period.

We had to pick up something for Jenny's mom at Michael's, and found a couple of other things there as well, including a giant sketchbook for Jenny and another penguin to add to my collection. We also stopped by Hastings before we left so Jenny could see her friends who are still there. I found a Dummy's Guide to Poker for $3 and Jenny bought the first Prince of Persia game for $10. Score!

Jenny knows that she needs a new graphics card before she can install Fable, and we're pretty sure it'll be necessary for Prince of Persia and the new Adobe software I got as well. So pretty soon we'll have to go brave Circuit City (or the equivilent) and figure out exactly what we need. We're thinking we should probably need some more RAM while we're at it. We've been talking about getting another computer, but we should probably hold off for the moment.

As much as I'd like to have my own computer, and Jenny thinks I should get one, we don't really need another computer. Although the idea of having a seperate uber-game computer just to run games on would be kind of cool. But then we couldn't run games on both computers and network them together.... Well, it's on the list.

I grabbed the classifieds when we were at the parents' house, so tomorrow will be more job hunting. But I'm also going to spend some time e-mailing and perhaps calling people I haven't talked to in a while. We got a card from Steve and Ally today announcing the birth of their new baby girl, Kate Alexa, so mucho congratulations to you guys and I hope the Benton family is doing well. I definately need to send a note out to them.

I also got it in my head today to send out postcards to those folks that I have an address for, but haven't talked to in ages. Jenny and I were talking about Glen, and wondering what he might be up to, but I don't have an e-mail or phone number for him. But I do have his last known address, and it wouldn't hurt to try to track him down. I hope his quest for S.W.A.T.-hood was successful.

Well, it's almost Midnight, so I'd better wrap this up while it's still technically the weekend.

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