Monday, November 14, 2005

Por Que, Eddie?!!

I found out yesterday that Eddie Guererro was found dead in his hotel room. Cause of death has yet to be determined, although the autopsy has supposedly ruled out suicide and foul play, and he has been clean and sober for 4 years. My best guess is his previous drug use, combined with the abuse he's put his body through over the years, set something off inside him that finally broke down - they'll probably determine it to be an aneurysm or freak heart problem or something.

It's really sad, regardless of the cause. He was a great performer and athlete and, from everything I've read and heard about him, a really great guy and a terrific family man (once he cleaned himself up). I'm just glad I got to see him perform live once, at the house show in Fairbanks. Funny enough, Chris called me last night after he read the news report on Yahoo; he said the first thing he thought after reading it was "I've got to tell Peter!"

It was good talking to Chris again; I've been meaning to call him since we got a phone and I just hadn't gotten around to it for some reason. I also still need to call Alex, maybe I'll do that tomorrow some time. Oh, and Bill - I haven't talked to him in forever. I'll probably call him on the weekend sometime. Chris caught me up on the going-ons in Fairbanks, with the new stores opening, and the people marrying, and the wonderments and atrocities of The Comic Shop. We'd really like to go back to visit - just visit - next summer, if we have the time and the extra money. We figure as long as we buy a round trip ticket, there will be no chance of us getting trapped there again....

We went out to the mall with Jamie and Maria on Saturday and saw the Wallace & Grommit movie. HI-larious! Definately worth seeing in the theatre (although I love W&G, so I knew I'd like this). Sunday was our normal trip out to see the parents in CDA. We stopped by Gamer's Haven briefly, but Bob wasn't there and the new guy behind the counter never even acknowledged we were there so we just looked around a bit and left. Plus, they didn't even have the one thing I was looking for: the new sculpt of Vlad where all the proceeds go to the Red Cross to help the Katrina relief effort. I figure I'll just pop down to House of Games on Wednesday and if they don't have it, I can ask Andrew to order it for me. Last night was normal Sunday night cartoons, except Jamie and Maria came over to see the new place (and use our internet) and then Chris called later on.

Well, Jenny finally got the word today from her boss: she is going to be let go on the 1st of December when they change over to a franchise store, and she has to train her replacement before she goes. Yay. Atleast she can look for a job closer to home now, so we can save on gas (trying to look at the "bright" side). We did finally open up a new bank account today. We decided on Washington Mutual since both Lisa and Jennie have accounts there and have nothing but good things to say about them. They also have free everything (no hidden fees, let's hope) and it was really easy to sign up; we could've even done it on-line apparently. But atleast now we've got a local checking account to pay our bills from, and we finally got those checks from Sonnie deposited.

I still really need to find a job, pronto. And now I need to keep an eye out for jobs for Jenny as well. More looking in the paper and online tomorrow. Yippee. Fun. Gah, I just want a paycheck again, I really don't care if it's from the "perfect job" or not at this point...although I do still have standards. Returning to McDonalds is still not an option....

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