Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

Well, we're sitting at home this New Years; how exciting.... Jenny's in the living room playing Spyro the Dragon (which she's now totally addicted to) and I'm ripping a ton of CDs from my collection to the computer and attempting to revise my resume.

We're going into CDA tomorrow to meet Sean & Lisa to see King Kong at Noon, and then go see the folks. Our Christmas present from Jenny's mom arrived and is waiting for us (we don't know what it is yet), and the +/- CD that I ordered from Borders is supposed to be in, so we'll be stopping by there as well. Monday we'll be going back into CDA, since the truck has an oil change appointment at Parker Toyota.

The PS2 is working out great; it's nice being able to watch movies in the living room. I went ahead and moved the DVD rack in there, and we picked up a normal PS memory card so we could play all my old games ($3 used at EB Games). Like I said before, Jenny's been playing Spyro non-stop, and I finally started Silent Hill 2 (I've only had it for, what, 4 years?). We'll probably be picking up the other 2 Spyro games for the PS when Jenny finishes this one....

Verizon online sent us a bill for the modem and router we were using in CDA. We do still have it, but we were waiting for them to send the pre-labeled sticker to slap on it and send it back to them, just like it says in our contract. So, Monday we'll also be calling up Verizon and having words with them.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Years, and here's looking forward to a great 2006!

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