Friday, January 06, 2006

I Wrote Something!

I finished the prologue to one of the stories I've been thinking about for a few years now. Alex told me the title name a long time ago, that a bunch of the guys had come up with after dicussing a bunch of different animes. The title is "The Legend of the Demon Beast Invasion Womb on Nightmare Angle Campus." There was never any story behind it, they just made up the title. So I asked Peter about it, and what (if anything) had he pictured the story to be. He said that he hadn't really thought about it, the title had always been a joke, but he thought it would be funny that if there was an anime about it, that it would have nothing what so ever to do with the "legend" and only to mention it in passing. That was NOT the same idea I had been thinking of, so I ignored the comment and started coming up with the story my way.

Peter hasn't read what I wrote yet, but I think it turned out how I meant it to. It only sets the scene though, I haven't even introduced the main character yet, so I hope I don't get writers' block!

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