Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Short Update

  • Christmas was very good. We spent the day at Jenny's folks' place with her family and her Uncle David. Played games, watched movies, ate enchiladas and cake and opened presents. All around - very relaxing. Jenny bought me a Playstation 2 (which we've been talking about getting for a while now, but Christmas is a good excuse to buy big cool stuff like that), with a memory card and extra controller. Now we can play all the PS and PS2 games we've got, and watch DVDs in the living room. Yay!!! We both got plenty of books, some cool dragon statues from her dad, and various other items. All in all, very cool.
  • Still no jobs for either of us, but we've kinda been taking the holidays easy (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). After the first, we (or atleast I) will attack the job market with great vigor.

There's more, but I'll write more tomorrow. It's late and bed is calling.

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