Monday, January 16, 2006

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Today was the funeral ceremony for LaFaye (Jenny's Grandfather's wife), although since she was cremated, it was just a ceremony/memorial type of thing with a potluck lunch reception after. We were up there a couple of hours, plus about 3 hours driving time total.

After getting back home, I did some scouring of the classifieds and we did some shopping - I finally own some black slacks (and a new pair of brown cords). Also got taco fixin's, which was dinner tonight.

So, I've been fighting with this light box I've been trying to put together since before Christmas. I bought a shadow box frame and a couple of fluro fixtures to mount in it, and was planning on just it throwing together and it'd be real easy. A "real" light box starts at over $100, and this one cost me about $40, and I thought it'd be really simple to kitbash it together. But the fixtures have given me no end of grief trying to mount them to the frame using the little slidey connectors that come with it (plus the instructions, that seem like they're badly translated a couple of times, don't help either).

I've been pulling my hair out trying to fit everything together and make it work, and tonight I had the little lightbulb go off over my head - the one thing I use to hold everything together: Electrical Tape! I still need to drill/cut the hole for the wire to come out of the frame, but I decided to wait till tomorrow, during the daytime, to use the power drill.... But, hopefully I'll soon have a working lightbox, and I'll be able to slap together my sketches into a coherant art project.

And in even more excellent news - I talked to Tigger yesterday and they sold the trailer in Seattle, and Lincoln has finally, completely, moved over! They can finally really start unpacking and "moving in" to their house. She seemed (understandably) very relieved and happy. Hooray!

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