Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Let There Be Light!

I have completed the lightbox! Huzzah! It lives!

More importantly, it actually works, and doesn't look like it was just cobbled together from spare parts. Work space is 16"x20". I am quite pleased with myself.... I think I shall christen it "Black Beauty".

I got some more resumes faxed yesterday, and applied for a job at WAMU this morning. We also got a whole bunch of laundry done yesterday, and more dishes as well. Jenny found some more jars at Freddies that she can use for her gift project, and Freddies also has the bookcase we want on sale, but we'll probably wait until we're gainfully employed again before buying any big things.

We might be getting some free furniture though - Jenny's grandfather is looking into moving out of his house and into a smaller place, and is figuring out what things he want to get rid of. Jenny's mom is going over there and inventorying stuff and is keeping an eye out for things that we might need/want.

It's Wednesday - New Comic Day - and we didn't go to the shop last week, so we'll probably be heading into town later. We did pick up some comics the other day, though, at Value Village of all places. 9 comics for just over $2.00. Woo Hoo!

We finally got the UPS sticker to mail back our Verizon modem, so we'll be needing to get that sent back soon. And we borrowed Jenny's parents' ladder, so we can try to get the shelf cleaned off. After looking up there again, it's even worse than I remembered. Gah!

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