Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Whole Week Into 2006

We did our traditional weekly trek into Coeur d'Alene today - stopped off at Borders and picked up my new +/- CD (which I just realized I haven't opened yet, time to fix that), and said Hi to everybody. We said Hi to the family, read the papers from the past week, ate some burgers and snagged the Help Wanted section from today's paper. We also got a roll of film developed while we there with Christmas pics of the house and a few Halloween pics. Those will eventually be scanned and will probably find there way up here.

The job search will continue with renewed vigor tomorrow. I'm doing a short-term revision of my resume for now, and I saw a few promising openings listed on-line that I'm going to try for.

I've also got some art I need to finish (and more to start), and I've actually been sketching every day - and I've seen definate improvement. Jenny has been working on the story for one comic idea we've been tossing around, and she had a dream the other night which has inspired another idea. More about that will hopefully follow.

We still need to do some after-holiday cleaning and organizing: the miniatures area is a mess, the file boxes need to be re-organized (especially with tax time coming) and we really need to put up some art and decorate this place. It seems really bland without the holly and other Christmas decorations up. Oh, and we need to vacuum, but we'll probably wait until the work-peoples come and change our lights and (hopefully) clean off the ledge in the hallway that's covered in grime. Atleast if that happens, we'll have a place to put all of our extra boxes, which will in turn help in the cleaning and organizing. It's a wonderful little cycle!

Now, if we can get back on our exercise routine again....

For now, it's off to the living room where we shall watch episodes of Firefly, I shall draw in my sketchbook and Jenny shall crochet.

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