Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Hawks Were Robbed!

Gah! I'm not much of a football fan, but what was with all the penalties - even I was shouting "the ref is blind!" This was the only full game I watched all season, but I used to be a big 'Hawks fan back when I lived in Seattle, and I figured I might not see them at the Superbowl for another couple of decades....

We went over to Jenny's parents' place, so we could watch the game on their huge HD TV, and ate pizza and read the papers from the last couple of weeks (normal stuff). They're planning on taking a trip to Texas sometime in March, and want us to housesit for them (whenever that turns out to be, exactly). We've also got our hopes up to go to the Emerald City Comic-Con the first weekend of April. It shouldn't actually be too hard, since I know I'll have the weekend off! :)

Started work this last week, and so far it's been... interesting. I'm working at NW Andrology & Cryobank, a fertility clinic and sperm bank. Quite a bit of work, actually - some heavy lifting, a lot of near-frostbite from the liquid nitrogen, and a lot of things to remember (and I've only had 3 days, there's lots more to learn...). But some of the people who want to become parents... if you can't follow simple instructions or fill out your paperwork properly, if you're unable to pay your bill on time, or if you call a sperm bank stoned - then odds are you're not cut out to start a family.

However, Jenny has a very good chance of getting a job at Michaels in the framing department, she'll find out for sure tomorrow, but it's basically up to whether they can find the hours to give her. She's still really excited about the museum job she applied for, but that doesn't close until the 10th, so if she gets offered this job, she's going to jump at the chance.

Arts & Crafts
Yet another superhero meme - this time it's Blue Beetle (the new version). I drew this in my sketchbook, just because, and the next day I see that a BB meme started. So I quickly inked and colored it with some sharpies:

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