Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Nut House

So, good news. I went to a job interview today at Home Depot. I think it went well. There where only 9 questions to answer, plus a "role playing" exercise (no we didn't use dice). Afterwards the guy interviewing me said that at the end of next week is when they will be calling in people for 2nd interviews. That wasn't a guarantee that I'll get one, but the job sounds all right. I wouldn't mind being able to do both part time jobs, as long as I could somehow get a regular schedule from both of them. But whatever.

After I left the interview, I was feeling pretty good, and on the way back home there's this shop that I've always wanted to visit. So I kept thinking it's called the Nut House, but it's actually the Nut Factory. Whoops. I didn't see many people working in the actual "factory" part, but I saw 2 in the retail area. It had to be the nicest gift shop ever. I'd have to say, of the "food" they sell, over half of it is/has nuts in it, but the rest is just different kinds of candy or popcorn. They also sell shaped jars to put candy or maple syrup in, and different sized tins too. Also all sorts of stuffed toys, cards, baskets, etc. Do it yourself gift basket stuff. Mostly horribly overpriced of course. I almost got out when I saw a 16 oz. bag of butter toffee rum peanuts, which I couldn't resist. Luckily they only cost $2.98. Which was much better then the peanut brittle next to it, that was the same size.

On the way to pick up Peter from work, I saw 2 quail run across the road. When I drove by the driveway they had ran to, there were a whole bunch more. Maybe 10 quail pecking the ground. They sure are cute!

Then, in Spokane proper, I moved out of the way of one of those meter-maid vehicles, because it had it's light flashing. On the back of the "vehicle" was the word "INTERCEPTOR." I couldn't keep from laughing at the sight of the little thing rushing off as though it was on a parking emergency or something. Well... I thought it was funny.

Oh, and just got a call from work, and the only other day I work this week... Has been canceled. Big surprise. You can tell I'm heart broken. ;) At least now I'll have time to recover from going out drinking on St. Patrick's Day. Whoo Hoo! You know, I've never had green beer before. I'm sure it tastes just as bad as regular beer. If I have any, I'll post about it Saturday, or Sunday.

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Jenny said...

Ok, ok, we didn't drink GREEN beer, nor did we have Irish beer. I had New Castle, which is British. And I don't remember what Peter drank.