Saturday, April 22, 2006

And So, Another Lazy Weekend Begins....

Slept in and watched cartoons, per usual this morning, and then caught up on the TV shows that we'd taped over the past week and hadn't got around to watching yet: Scrubs and Teachers plus Criminal Minds and CSI:NY last night.

We walked outside around noon so that Jenny could take some pictures of the tree in bloom in the back yard, and found a cute little dachschund running around in front of the apartment. He was a cute little guy, and he had a leash so we figured he must belong to somebody. We went to the apt. office first, but of course it was closed for lunch, so I made up some flyers really quick and stuck them up and Jenny walked around the complex looking for a lost owner. She did finally come to claim him around 1:30 or so, turns out her son was walking him and he (the dog) ran off and the son didn't do anything.... But, regardless, the dog is safe and home now. Turns out there are quite a few dachschunds in our complex, but I guess they probably make pretty good apartment dogs, being so tiny.

The new Privateer Press game Hordes is due to be released today, so we're thinking about running to the game store (either Merlyns or House of Games) to check it out. Not that we really have a $100 to drop on a new game right now, so maybe we'll just wait till the tax refund gets here.

Jenny doesn't work tomorrow either, and we might get together with Jamie some time. Jenny gave him a call and he's working, so we're supposed to call him back tomorrow. We were supposed to hang out with Tigger and Lincoln Thursday or Friday, but Thursday Lincoln started throwing up and was sick, and then Friday Tigger got sick. One of these days we'll actually get Lincoln over so he can see the apartment.... :)

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