Friday, April 21, 2006

Now I'm Just Seeing Things...

So... I saw something suspicious today while I waited for Peter to get off work. I don't know what this lady was thinking. So a white woman in her 40s I think came out of the large multi-office building where Peter works. She had nice blonde hair with highlights, a little longer then shoulder length. I think she had glasses on. She couldn't have weighed more then 130 lbs, and was wearing a pink floral blouse and tight blue jeans. She walked out of the building and over to a large SUV that was parked in the 10 minute parking only spot directly infront of the building. She was holding a bunch of packages and tried to open the back door, but it was locked. So she walked over to the passenger side back door and tried to open it. It was also locked. At this point there isn't anything suspicious about her. I'm only looking at her because she is near the point where I'll be able to see Peter when he comes out of the building. I figure she'll next walk to the driver's side or get a person who may be inside to open the door (there were tinted windows). Then, she starts playing with her hair, scooping it out of her face and back, and walks to the corner of Stevens and 6th, waits for the light and walks across the road, away from the SUV. Strange, huh?

So, I forgot to bring my book again, so I'm following her progress out of curiosity. She gets keys out and starts playing with them and swinging them back and forth, alternately playing with her hair. On her left arm she's holding 3 bags, one that is blue and looks similar to the blue cooler/lunch box that Peter uses. One might be red (can't remember) and might have been her purse. And the last is a plastic bag, I think. So she walks directely infront of my truck and heads up into the parking lot I'm parked in. She's obscured for about a minute or so, then I see her leave the lot in a bright red Blazer. She never went back to the SUV. I decided to write down the licence plate # of her vehicle, just in case. This all happened right before 5PM when Peter gets off work.

Now, you could say, maybe she thought that SUV was her's, or someone she knows. But the SUV was much larger then the Blazer she left in. Her vehicle didn't have tinted windows. The SUV was a marron-ish brown color and her's a bright (clean) cherry red. Her car was a Chevy, and the SUV was a GMC and may have been a suburban. So, they looked nothing alike, at all. While I was writing everything down and talking to Peter (who had gotten out of work by this point), the SUV left. I don't know if the owner had been inside the whole time, or if they had been in the building. If the owner was in the vehicle, and saw the lady, why didn't they open the door for her (if they knew her)? I don't know. I just thought it was weird, so wrote everything down that I could remember.

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