Friday, April 21, 2006

Opposite Of Busy, Busy, Busy

Not too much going on as per usual. Yesterday some friends were supposed to stop by for a while, but one of them suddenly started throwing up, so they wisely decided to stay home. Poor guy. Other then that just enjoying a slow week and the beautiful Spring weather, and all the cute little birdies fighting over every possible nesting site around here.

I keep waking up with invention ideas in my head. Ok, well 2 so far, but that's more then usual. They may very well be ideas that already exist and I have just forgotten, but here they are:

I own a lot of handmade mugs with no handles. I suppose you could call them glasses, but they are clay. If my mugs with handles are dirty, and I want some Tea, I use the others. Problem is, after microwaving them to heat up the water, they are usually too hot to touch bare handed. So, besides trying to grab them with oven mitts on, I thought maybe a mug holder thing could be invented to grab the mug out of the microwave and be strong enough that I could use it as a handle until the mug was a cooler temperature. I drew some crude drawings of the idea, but I need to refine it better before I try showing anyone the idea.

The other idea I got was from watching too many CSI shows in row. I woke up with the idea of a "field microscope" for when there is a lot of something that a little can be spared to look at right away, while at a crime scene. There already exists a handheld slide projecter which is only used to look at photo slides by one person to see what they are. It has an about 4 x 4 inch lens and a light and battery. You stick the slide into a little slot and press it down to turn on the light. I thought, with digital cameras, not many people really do slides anymore, but that doesn't mean the technology has to be obsolete. I figure, if a wider specimine slide with protected edges was made. And the viewer updated to have multiple magnifying capabilities, as well as protect the light from shorting out incase it's dropped in water or whatever, then I think it might be useable by crime scene peoples. It could probably be marketed to us civilians too. I think kids might like to be able to take a closer look at things they might find out in the woods or a pond or something. The only real problem I can think of at the moment would be how to clean it. Hmmm.

Ok, the major problem with these things I sometimes come up with, is my lack of marketing skills. I freely admit that I am more a thinker then a doer. Unfortunately, I don't really have any friends who are doers either. Hmmm...


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My name is Michel Jackson =)!!!!

Peter said...

So, even if she did live anywhere near you, there's still the little detail of her already having a boyfriend... ME!

Sorry, dude, not gonna happen. Besides, she's too old for you. :P