Monday, April 17, 2006

The Tax Man Cometh, etc.

Well, nothing near as exciting to report as the last couple of posts....

We did get our taxes done and in the mail on time (a little before in fact), and it looks like we should be getting some money back this year, assuming all of our math was right. Jenny's only getting about $11 back, but it looks like I might be getting as much as a few hundred, although the IRS usually "fixes" your "mistakes" and that number will probably get knocked down a little.

Work continues to... continue. Jenny's getting a few more hours, although that includes hours on register, so it's not all great but we need the money. My job is still going OK, but I've accepted that it really isn't what I'm looking for in a job and I don't expect to stay there for too long of an extended stay. I'm not planning on jumping ship anytime soon, but let's just say we're both keeping our options open.

I'm still looking at getting a tablet for the computer, and with some money coming back from taxes, that's definately high up on the list of things to buy. I've also had my eye on a new PDA and I'd really like to get an iPod, but that's a $400 toy I really don't need....

Did some major spring cleaning this last weekend, so the apartment is back to livable condition again. Still need to vacuum and mop, but otherwise the place looks pretty good. If I can get the digital camera up and running, maybe I'll take some new pics of the apartment, so we can compare them to the pics I took when we moved in. Has it really been 6 months?


I'm reading my way through my William Gibson collection; currently I'm on Mona Lisa Overdrive for probably the 30th time or so. I'm working up to finally finishing his 2nd trilogy (I've had All Tomorrow's Parties for a couple of years now and still haven't read it), and eventually read his most recent effort, Pattern Recognition.

Jenny's currently hooked on Summoner, a PS2 game I got ages ago and never really started. It's an RPG, similar to Dungeon Siege, but in an insanely detailed world with a lot more more options available to you.

We still haven't seen V For Vendetta yet (or any new movie for that matter), but I'm sure we'll get a round to it eventually. Probably end up seeing it in the bargain theatre at this rate. Chronicles of Narnia just came out on DVD, and we borrowed that from Jenny's parents, but we'll definately end up buying that one. And they're finally releasing American Dad on DVD as well (April 25th), so there's another box set to add to the list. And new episodes start this Sunday!

In miniature news, Hordes is set for release on the 22nd, so we want to scrape up enough money to buy a couple of starter boxes. Hopefully that'll be enough motivation to get back into playing again.

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