Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More Eye Witness News...

Ok. So, as I was writing the last sentence of the previous post, the neighbor knocked and asked me to go with him and his roommate to talk to the police at the 7-11. So I followed them over and we gave our statements to one of the officers/deputies. After a while they had us go outside and they brought the skinny white boy out. He was a tiny bit roughed up because he had ran and was chased down and tackled by the cop who took our statements. Who was very nice, and funny, by the way. He was wearing the same outfit, or at least the same long, dark shirt I saw, but his face didn't really look familiar, and I said as much.

So then they had the owner of the car, who hadn't seen anything, see if the car would start (which it did), and go ahead and drive it home. Then had the roommate and I go over to the accident scene where another car was wrecked to see if we could identify the car.

When the skinny dude was leaving in the car, and going past the stop sign without stoping, both the roommate and I saw a long skinny tan-ish car leaving behind the stolen car. We didn't know if it had anything to do with the stolen car, but since it left at the same time, and there were 2 cars involved, we figured it must be the same. According to the cop, the 2 cars were at the 7-11 near our house getting gas and waiting for the train to pass. Presumably so they could get onto the Interstate and get far from the scene of the crime. Once the train passed a bunch of cops converged on the gas station and the skinny dude ran from the stolen car. The other car tried to sneak out the back of the gas station and the chase was on. It's been raining for days now, and the guy couldn't make it around a tight curve. He hit a power line pole with the passenger side of the car (not neighbor's car), and sheered the pole off, then ended up 20 or so feet from the road. Because of downed power lines, the roommate and I had to take I-90 up to the next exit and come back down the road the accident happened on from the East.

So we get there and re-explain what we saw and heard, then look at the car. Not the same one we saw. It's maroon in color, and not long enough in the front. So, I don't know how that car fits into it, and I don't know if the car we saw had anything to do with the heist, but we could only tell the cops what we know. So the police thanked us and said we could go. As we were leaving, a guy from channel 2 (KREM) wanted to know if we knew what was going on and if we'd enlighten him. The roommate didn't feel comfortable talking to him, plus I saw almost the whole thing, so I agreed to talk to him on camera. So after I said what I saw for the 5th or so time for the evening, the guy asked for my name, which I kinda gave reluctantly, but luckily I have 2 of the most common names in America, so I didn't feel too weird. Then the roommate drove back to the 7-11 and dropped me off at my truck, and then we each drove home.

I wonder if I'll be on TV... At least my hair is brushed and I was wearing normal clothes and not in my pajamas. :) Wouldn't THAT have been cute. Well the car jacking happened at Midnight, and it's now quarter after 2AM, so I better get to bed. 'Night.

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