Sunday, April 02, 2006

Weekend Update

Well, we made it back from the Emerald City Comic Con and it was a blast! We spent a lot of time hanging out with my brother, and went up to the waterfront for lunch on Saturday with Shane and Rita. Saturday night we met up with Eric at an Irish pub up in the University district called Finn MacCool's, and then hung out with him for a while at the convention Sunday morning.

The convention was awesome, and there were even more big name artists and writers there than I was expecting. We definately weren't near as organized as we could have been for this trip, but we learned a lot about planning for a convention, and we'll be able to apply that next year (or hopefully sooner, if we can get to some other con in the next year).

Unfortunately the digital camera wasn't cooperating, so we don't have any photos to share from the trip. I did get a couple of sketches while we were there, and a few autographs, so maybe I'll scan those and throw 'em up here. I got to meet Ryan (Uncle Wya) Ottley, who draws Invincible, and got a super-cool Atom Eve sketch done by him. I also got a sketch from Keith Knight, who draws the syndicated strip The K Chronicles, and is also one half of the rap group The Marginal Prophets. I didn't know he was going to be there, or I would have brought the books by him that I own to get signed, but I did pick up their second CD while I was there.

We also got books signed by:

We both found a few back issues that were on our "want lists", for pretty cheap, and we kept our spending down to decent amount. A lot of that is thanks to my brother letting us stay with him for the weekend, so we didn't have to worry about finding or paying for a motel, and he also drove us around quite a bit. This was the short and sweet version of the Con re-cap; I'm sure we'll post more little bits and pieces as we remember them.

Spending time at the con and being around all of these creators has really kickstarted my desire to get myself in gear and work on my art. It was my own fault I didn't have a current portfolio to show or some mini-comics to distribute this year, and that's something I've got to remedy. For now, though, it's getting late and I need to eat something before we get to bed so I can go back to work tomorrow morning at 8am. But it's only a matter of time until I'll be able to make my own hours and work when I want on what I want. And the more I believe that, the more likely (and the faster) it will happen....

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