Thursday, May 18, 2006

Birdie Thugs

In between our apartment and the next over is a small space that some birds which may be Grackles have made a nest. There is also a dead bird hanging part-way out of the crack to get to the nest, which was there when we moved in. Yuck.

The birds don't care though, and sometimes I can hear the babies in there chirping for food. The roof isn't a continuous line, so the next place juts out 2 or 3 feet. A rain gutter runs along the roof, and the birds like to sit on it and "sing." My point of all this is, I usually ignore them, but today I approximately repeated the noise back to the bird, and it looked around confused. I thought it was funny, so when it chirped again, I chirped. Then it flew away and I didn't think any more of till about 5 minutes later. So then there was more chirping. I look, and the bird had come back with friends! So the 1 in the middle puffs out it's feathers and chirps. You can see where this is going... A few minutes later, all the birds are looking around confused, and I'm starting to laugh. The bird gives one more questioning chirp and I laugh a little louder, and the birds fly off. I think they finally figured out that I was just messing with them. I thought it was funny though. I wonder if there will be even more birds on the gutter in a few minutes. Maybe not.

On a side note, we've had record breaking weather here. It reached the 90 degrees F yesterday, and might again today. HOT!!! Luckily, thunder clouds are appearing on the horizon, so maybe we'll get some rain. Or, maybe the lightning will start fires. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Oh, and a yellow jacket got into the house yesterday through the screen door. We managed to trap it between the screen and one of the windows, but since we don't have a fly swatter, decided to leave it there and not open the window to keep it out of the house. This morning, it had somehow found a crack or something, and is now on the (vaulted) ceiling. I don't know where it crawled through, but it's the same bee. Hopefully it will go back to the window, and not decide to walk around on the floor. They do that sometimes, and I like to walk around bare foot.

Oh! Birdie's back! No friends, and it just moved to the roof to chirp. It caught on. Oh well.

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