Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Early Birthday To Me

I finally bought myself a tablet for the computer - ordered this one from, and it should be here tomorrow. I couldn't say no to a tablet with (theoretically) close to the same stats as a low level Wacom (which start, bare bones, at $100) for $30, including shipping. I consider it my "starter" tablet. Everyone always says that if you're going to buy one you should shell out the money for a Wacom, but I figure this'll get me started for now, and I'll eventually upgrade (when I have the money). I only found one review of this Aquila tablet, on somebody's blog, but it was favorable, so I'm holding out hope that it's decent. I consider this my pre-birthday present for myself. :)

My birthday is coming up on the 1st of June (the big 3-0), and Jenny's is on the 21st, so we're covertly scheming about presents for each other. She apparently has come up with something to get me, and I think I have a good idea for something for her. Of course, we'll both probably be working on both of our birthdays, which means we won't see much of each other anyway....

We missed the Idol results show last night (Criminal Minds was on), but we apparently fell into some sort of wierd parallel universe where Chris was voted off.... I just don't get it. I guess I'm back to hoping Taylor wins. I'm not too worried about Chris - he's got a career as an alt-rock band frontman laid out in front of him.

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