Friday, July 07, 2006


I just had a horror movie moment... Almost. I was getting ready to leave to do some grocery shopping before picking up Peter from work (exciting, I know), and I pulled the vertical blinds closed with the wand. When I turned the wand to block out the sunlight to keep the room cooler, there was something stuck between the slats. I realised it was a huge spider. It was white or beige and covered with a small web as though it made a net to keep from falling off the slat. I also noticed that there was a small bit of web on the next slat over. It didn't move, and it looked dried out. It was so big I didn't really want to grab it with a tissue, maybe a towel, but I didn't have one close to hand. I blew at it to see if it was really dead, and it wasn't! I used the wand to move the slats back together, then tryed to squish the spider between them. But it didn't work and it ran down the other side of the slat after I moved my hands. Now here's where I had the almost horror movie moment: I almost screamed as though it was going to jump off the blinds right for me and bite me. I even raised my hands to either ward it off, or smack it down onto the carpet. Then I realised I didn't want to touch it and got a hold of myself. It stopped moving near the bottom of the slats, by the window ledge, and I started looking around for something to squish it with. I had a shirt, a box of tissues and a bunch of large heavy things like a clock and TV that I'd more likely break them and the window then get the spider. Then I saw the vaccuum and smiled. Luckily the spider still hadn't moved, so I was able to suck it up. I left the vaccuum running for a little while to make sure the spider couldn't crawl back out. It's the biggest spider I've seen in a long time, and I still feel like I've got bugs crawling all over me, and it never touched me. It also looked like a mummy since it was all white-ish and covered in the tatters of it's web. Anyways... Just thought I'd share that with everyone. :)

How big was it? It's spread out legs were slightly larger then the diameter of a quarter, and body was about the size of a peanut (the nut, not the shell). Sure there are bigger spiders out there in the world, but they're not in my bedroom running down my blinds towards my bed! Ok, now it's time to go.

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