Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We went to see Pirates of the Carribean 2 on Saturday, and it was A-Ma-Zing. We were originally supposed to go Friday (opening night), and take Patty (Jenny's sister, who is absolutely obsessed with the movie) to it. However, Patty had to work Friday night so that was a no-go. That was just as well, since we would have had to rush over there after I got off work, and stay in CdA late (it's a long movie), and we also wanted to see our friends and go to Gamer's Haven. Besides, I was really tired when I finally got out of work.

So, anyway, Pirates rocked! If you enjoyed the first, you won't be disappointed. Be forewarned however - it is definately a "middle movie", and ends as a cliffhanger/set up for the third one. Luckily they're already almost finished with the third one, so it should be released within the year.

We did get to Gamer's Haven, and picked up the Hordes starter box that Jenny had on order, as well as a random Confrontation mini for her, and a couple of packs of Warmachine/Hordes sized bases. She got the starter for the Circle of Orboros, and is in the midst of putting it together currently (there are some major gaps that need to be filled with green stuff). She's also planning on doing another Egyptian/cat themed Circle army, using mainly Reaper and Crocodile Games minis as proxies. That was the main reason we needed the empty bases.

I'm also thinking of doing something similar, using the Blighted rules for a gobber army with the Confrontation goblins (which are super cute!). I love the models for Confrontation, but I doubt if we'll ever get around to learning the rules, so we might as well use them for something, and their "look" fits in quite well with the Privateer Press range.

Work continues. I actually had a pretty good day today - I got my "to do" box cleared out, after getting a really good night sleep last night.

We finally tried out the (relatively) new Mexican place in the old Los Sanchez building, La Milpa, and it was delicious. We'll definately be going back there, and telling as many people as we can about it.

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