Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ever So Slowly....

I guess our harassment of the office staff here at our apartment complex may actually be doing some good - we recieved a call today that they were going to be sending out questionnaires in the next couple of days to find out who already has a garage, and who would like one. Jenny went in the other day and asked for us to be put down on the list of people to get a garage (or start one if there wasn't already). Any progress is good progress, I suppose.

Jenny's actually got the next three days off (which is pretty cool), and we'll be heading over to CdA on Sunday, per usual, and finally going over to Sean's place and seeing his house. We both also get paid this week, although that also means that most of our bills have come due as well. But we should still have a little money left over after all that.

And, in entertainment news - drum roll, please.....

The Future of Rock and Roll Lives On!
An investor has come forward to purchase/save WOXY, and it looks like it will come back even grander than before. Check out this news article for more details: Investor Tries To Save WOXY or hop on to the WOXY Message Boards for further developments as they happen. I am most excited. Even giddy, perhaps.

Also, in geek movie news - it has been leaked that the role of Tony Stark in the upcoming, Jon Favreau helmed, Iron Man movie has gone to Robert Downey Jr. I actually think that this is an amazing choice. Downey is an excellent actor with a lot of range (as long as he stays sober, I suppose), and I might be looking forward to this now (even though Tony's never been a favorite character). However they now have to keep the Iron Man suit from looking like a Power Ranger costume. Hopefully they will go to the Ultimates comics for inspiration, and make the suit more like a wearable fighter jet, as opposed to a suit he can hide in his briefcase.

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