Sunday, October 08, 2006

Weekend Update

Another weekend of alternating crazed cleaning and blissful laziness is upon us. I'm trying to get into a pattern of cleaning the apartment every 2 weeks, so it doesn't get absolutely horrific between cleanings, and I got most of the place done yesterday. All I've got left is the bathroom (which is usually the most "work") and the floors (sweep,mop,vacuum). There's just a kind of zen-like satisfaction with having a completely clean living space. Well, atleast I think it's zen-like. I really don't know anything about zen, so....

We went over to CdA Friday night, after I got off work - watched TV, read the papers, swung by Borders to see peoples, the normal stuff. We're both definately going to be working at Borders part time during the Christmas season, so that should be fun. The plan at the moment is to work Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night plus a full shift on Saturday. I'm guessing that this will start after Thanksgiving, but we won't know for sure until Sean works up the schedules.

We're watching entirely too much TV this season, and having to tape shows every night and then playing catch up through the next week. We're looking at possibly cutting out some shows, but it'll be tough letting go. So far, a couple of CSI shows are getting the axe....

No word yet on the garage situation. Check's in the mail to the IRS. Got some hand-me-down furniture from Jenni and Eric, so we could finally dispose of the big box we've been using as a coffee table since we've moved down here. The apartment's really starting to look and feel like a home, so we're not too enthused about the prospect of having to move. But we're keeping our options open.

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