Monday, February 12, 2007

Weekend Update

Went over to Borders on Saturday, per usual, to see peoples and say Hi. Found out when we got there that it had been Lucky last day (he's moving to Seattle soon, to attend the Art Institute), and he was already gone for the day. Did pick up a couple of more books while we were there (Batman: Dark Victory and Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell). Can't have too many books. :)

We dropped by The Electric Crayon later on to see Lucky, and ended up hanging out there for quite a while. One of our other ex-coworkers was getting a very cool piece done so we stayed for a while to chat and watch him start working on it. While we were there, a rather drunk couple wandered in to ask random questions, and it turned out that the guy had a little piece on his shoulder, done by Sailor Jerry in '72, so that was cool. Lucky got a pic of it on his digital camera before the guy wandered back out....

Sunday was a whole lot of nothing, spent mostly in front of the TV and the computer. I think I probably slept for about half the weekend, all together, not getting up till almost noon both days. I did get a ton of laundry and dishes finished, and a whole lot of filing done that I've been putting off forever, so I guess that's something.

While I haven't got any sort of confirmation from the IRS as to whether or not they've "fixed the glitch", I'm tentatively hopeful since I haven't received a statement yet this month saying I still owe something. If they were going to send one out, I should have got one by now. Yay?

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