Monday, February 05, 2007

Work, Work, Work

I can't believe it's already February. Jenny and I have both been at our jobs for a year now, and it's really wearing on us. I've got my one week paid vacation coming up, assuming I'm still working there to use it....

I applied for a very cool job I saw advertised in the paper recently - it's an office manager position with the Spokane Art School down town. It'd probably mean a small drop in pay, but it'd still be a M-F 9-5 schedule, and it'd mean be surrounded by artists (students and teachers) and the possibility of networking. The job closed on Friday, so hopefully I'll hear from them. Soon.

Jenny's also put in for another job - another framing position, but this one's at an actual custom frame shop, so she won't have to deal with all the Michael's corporate retail mess. It would also come with a better schedule and better pay, so if we both got these jobs, the pay would about even out and we'd both be a lot happier.

I asked about the garage situation when I paid our rent on Saturday, but the secretary didn't have anything new to tell me. They're apparently still working on it, but too many other things keep coming up and distracting them. So, by the time we actually have a garage, it'll be just in time for us to move out. Yay.

As for the vacation time I mentioned earlier - the Emerald City Comic Con is coming up, so if I'm still with NWAC, I might use it for that. Maybe we'll try to visit some of our friends over there we haven't seen in a while (I'm looking at you, Eric!). Otherwise, Jenny's 10 year class reunion is coming up this year, and she's been in contact with some of her ex-classmates regarding the whole thing. They're thinking sometime in June, so we may fly back for that - we've been wanting to visit Fairbanks (during the summer), and I missed my 10 year reunion (happened right after we left).

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