Thursday, April 26, 2007

Busy Week

Last Friday, after another exciting haircut with Jenni and her kids, no really, she had to put her son into a headlock so he wouldn't squirm so much when he was getting his hair cut. It was funny. But anyways, after that, Jenni and I picked up Peter and went to go look at a dress for me for the wedding, and to talk about other wedding stuff. Peter ended up on kid-watch while Jenni helped me into a couple dresses. Turns out I'm a 14 on top, and a 12 on the bottom. Yay... So, that means pretty much any dress is going to need alterations and hemming. Found one good one so far, it's $59, which is very affordable, but to alter and hem it will bring the total price to just under $200. That's doable, but I'd like to look for something that needs less work. Peter's going to buy a simple white gold band for now, and later we'll look into getting a jeweler to make a ring similar to mine. Jenni's blown my mind a little with how much we still have to get ready, but she said not to worry, we'll keep it simple and be ready in time.

I spent Saturday over at my parent's house, and my Aunt who lives nearby came over, since her and Dad's youngest brother and his family were coming over to pick up some old computers Dad revamped and was giving to my Uncle's family. So that was a nice little family gathering, although of my 4 cousins, the youngest REALLY needs Ritalin. He actually has a prescription, but he's got something wrong with his stomach, and sometimes he can't take any pills. Poor kid. I finally got to see the movie Eragon. Not as good as the book, but not as bad as I had thought it would be. Sunday was a day of shopping for various things. We dropped by Michaels and picked up 3 frames for the artwork we picked up at the comic con. Then went to Fred Meyers and picked up some nice shirts for Peter to replace some of his other shirts that had worn out and had to be tossed. Then we went to Safeway to pick up a bunch of food, as we were running out of normal things, milk, bread, soup, the usual.

Monday and Tuesday I spent with Jenni, hanging out and doing more wedding stuff. Made some calls, got some prices on photographers and set up an appointment with a florist. Yesterday, I cleaned the bathroom, because it needed it. I cleaned up the living room somewhat today, and put the art we got into the frames we had bought days previous. Then I went over to the apartment office to write up a work order, since part of the counter decided to not be attached anymore, for no apparent reason last night. I also added that the oven seems to be getting worse at keeping a temperature. Personally, I hope, whatever the problem, that the entire thing will need to be replaced, because it's old and sucks. The counter too. It also sucks. The people before us, decided to paint the countertops. But they didn't do a very good job.

Let's see, what else... I looked up a couple jobs on-line, but haven't written any cover letters yet, so haven't applied to anything yet. Soon. Oh, also, I finished reading Harry Potter 3, and book 2 in the Runelords series. Now I'm several chapters into book 3 of the Runelords series, and in the middle of Chapter 1 of Harry Potter 4. I alternate between the two books. Hmmm, can't think of anything else. But, boy, I've been busy!

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