Sunday, April 22, 2007

Moving Forward Redux

Well, Thursday was Jenny's last day at Michaels, and she is quite thrilled not to have to go back there again (although we did go by there today to pick up some readymade frames for the prints we picked up at the Con). Unfortunately, that same day she also found out she didn't get the law firm job she'd applied for. They said it was a really hard decision, but one way or another she didn't get picked, so it's back to looking for a new (better) job. There is still the framing job she's waiting to hear about, but that may be a month or two still.

We went out on Friday with (Jenny's best friend) Jenni and worked on wedding related stuff: Jenny tried on dresses, and found one possibility (but is still looking); we registered at Macy's, and our list will be available online as soon as we're able to log in and update/confirm everything - we're also planning on registering at Fred Meyers as well, just to cover all our bases as far as selection; Jenni also picked our brains about other wedding stuff - rings, what I'm wearing, invitations, etc. and made suggestions and offered advice (she's married and is very excited for us and really wants to help out). Once Jenni gets back from her trip in a week or so, her and Jenny will get together and take care of invitations/announcements.

I haven't picked out a specific ring yet, but I'm fairly certain I'm going with a basic white gold band, atleast for now. We've done some looking for a band similar to Jenny's and haven't found anything, and getting a custom one made at this point is looking like too much time and money. So we're thinking I should stick with something really simple (I wanted something simple and functional anyway, since I'll be wearing this every day :) ), and later, a ways down the line, we could still get a custom one made exactly to our specifications to match Jenny's. The day is fast approaching, and we're going to have to play a lot of catch up, but we're planning on keeping everything really simple and we should still be able to get everything the way we want it (with a little help from some friends and family).

Otherwise.... my work is going OK, but I'd really like to find something else that I'm atleast remotely interested in (that has benefits, and is preferably not even remotely retail). Brian is leaving at the end of June, and we're apparently not having much luck finding a prospective replacement for him. And if I were to leave soon, I think it would seriously leave them in a tough spot, since Derek's only been there a month or two at this point. But I was really hoping that Jenny would get that job, so I could quit mine, sooner as opposed to later, and have the time and opportunity to look for something else. It'll happen soon enough, I suppose....

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