Monday, April 30, 2007

The Clock is Ticking....

Wow, I can't believe it's almost May already - it seems like the year is just flying by. Things have been piling up quicker and quicker, keeping us plenty busy:

Jenny and Jenni have been getting to work on the wedding stuff, invitations are now on their way (to us), and soon will be on their way back out. We've also been weighing our photography options and we're thinking of going the potluck route for the food, although we haven't decided if the main course(s) are going to be catered at all.

I'd mentioned that we'd registered at Macy's; well, we were finally able to log on to our account tonight, only to find that they only have 6 items listed - none of them items we actually picked! So now we have to go back and repick everything, talk about a waste of time. We did sign up for Macy's cards in the process, which I guess we can theoretically use to build up our credit a little. Oh, and we're definately going to go up to Fairbanks later this year to visit, even if we're still not sure where we'll be staying....

And speaking of living arrangements, we're now figuring on staying in this apartment for a while longer. We were orginally excited about getting out of apartment living and into a house, but the more we thought about it, the more we realized that with the wedding plans, and everything that entails (both before and after), plus our vacation plans and Jenny not working for a while, we'd be better off not trying to do a big move this year. We don't really have a specific area that we want to move to, and aren't too crazy with the prospect of packing everything up and moving again. However, if we do stay here, we're going to be really getting after the apartment people about fixing stuff and making this place a better place to live. We've already put in a couple more work orders to fix stuff, and are still after them about the garage.

I did finally get the apartment completely cleaned this weekend, which always helps my outlook on things (it certainly needed it...). And I've been going back to basics with my drawing, trying to do some basic gesture drawings and sketches in my sketchbook and filling up atleast a page a day - it's a slow process, but I think I'm (very) gradually getting my skills back.

As much as I'd love to quit my job so I could work on getting my art back up to speed again, it's really not an option now that Jenny quit hers. But she really needed to, what with her wonky schedule and the wedding date rapidly approaching. She's got so much done in just the past week - I joked today that she should have quit her job months ago, we would have had this whole thing planned down to every detail already.

And on the job front, I was surprised today to get my paycheck and find I got another raise! I'm thinking it might be because Brian's leaving in a couple of months and I'll be moving up to top man on the totem pole. Or it may be them realizing they better give me an incentive to stick around.... Whatever the reason, I'll take it!

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