Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Monday!

And another week commences....

Jenny got a call today from the framing shop she'd applied at back before she quit Michaels, and has an interview set up for this Thursday. This was the job she was the most interested in, really, as it was a non-corporate framing position and she wouldn't have to deal with all the other unrelated retail mess that she had to put up with at Michaels.

My work continues to be OK. I've come to terms with the fact that I need to stick with this job atleast for the forseeable future (the next couple of months or so), as I've atleast got to stick it out until after the wedding, our vacation, and Jenny's back to being gainfully employed. It will be easy to take any time off that I'll need, and I'm certainly liking the paychecks....

Sunday was Mother's Day, and Jenny headed over to CdA to spend time with her mom and give her the present she bought - a cute apple tea pot. When they first moved into their house, her mom was torn between decorating the kitchen with apples or in a rooster motif. She ended up going with the apple scheme, but it proved a lot harder to find apple themed things then roosters. We see kitchen accessories and decorations with roosters on them everywhere now and very few apples, so her mom was (not surprisingly) quite pleased with her gift.

On the wedding front, while we did get our invitations in last week, they weren't exacty what we'd expected them to be and after some deliberating decided to reorder them from a different supplier. So, on the con side, we'll have to wait another week to send them out. But on the pro side, they'll be a little more interesting, hopefully look like what we wanted, and it'll give us some time to finish up our gift registries and we can include that information with the announcements. Jenny's going to get together with Jenni on Wednesday to work on registry stuff, among other things.

We did some looking around for a ring for me this weekend. The original plan was to find something inexpensive at an online store, but when we realized the cost wouldn't be too much different, we decided it would be better to buy something locally so I could try it on and get exactly what I want. Jenny ordered her shoes for the wedding, and they should be here about the same time as the new invitations.

Since we're going to be sticking around this apartment for a while longer (probably atleast a year), the plan now is to do some serious rearranging of the furniture to make things more comfortable. The TV, couch, gaming stuff, and all the bookcases are going into what is now the office, to make a sort of den/cozy entertainment room. We'll end up with a much more open atmosphere to the living room (which will turn into our studio space), and we'll be able to expand our kitchen/dining room space a bit. A lot of this process will mean purchasing some more/new furniture, but that's something we've needed to do for a while - like a pantry for the kitchen, and some more shelves for all of our ever growing library.

I've been using a very cool room planner tool I found online that's part of a furniture store's website. It lets you customize the rooms and furniture, save and print your designs, and sure beats constantly redrawing the same room over and over on paper. You can find it here: Jordan's Furniture Room Planner

We did get out to see Spiderman 3 last week - I think the 2nd one was the better over all, but this one was definately a fun movie. I believe (as apparently many others do) that they tried to cram too much into it, and there was easily enough material to make two good movies from what they had. I'd say the bad guys, specifically Harry, were the real stars of this one. It's got a fair share of corny bits, and would probably be easier to watch on DVD (being excessively long), but is still well worth the price of admission just for the special effects and action sequences.

The TV season is winding down over the next week or two, so I suppose that'll free up some of our time when most of our shows go into reruns for a while. I'm thinking I'll do a finale wrap up post - maybe do a little mini-review of all the stuff we're currently watching.... as soon as I find the time. :)

I was planning on burning through all of the Harry Potter novels, so I'd be all caught up when the last one came out, but I kinda got slowed down and stalled out in the middle of the 4th book. I'm trying to get back into it and get finished so I can move on. From what Jenny says, of the series, it's the one to get stuck on - Rowling really tried to put too much in and it goes on forever. But once I get through it, the next two books are supposed to be back to being entertaining. Jenny just finished the 4th book, as well as the 4th book in the David Farland fantasy series ("The Runelords") she's simultaneously reading.

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