Thursday, July 05, 2007


So, went over to CDA on the 4th. I got into my dress and I thought I'd have to stand there for quite some time while Mom put pins in, but she only needed to measure how much she was going to hem it, then helped me out of the dress.

Sears over there was open, but it didn't do us any good, since it was a tiny store compared to the 2 over here, so they didn't carry dishes at all. Also, we wandered around that store looking at kitchen stuff and then at clothes, and not one of the many employees there asked us if we were looking for anything or needed help. Coupled with the apathy from the 2 girls in both Washington stores, it was not a good week for customer service. So, I got a pair of jean shorts, and then we left the Silver Lake Mall, since about 1/2 it's stores were closing, and none of the other stores were of interest to us. So, looks like we'll need to order the dishes ourselves from online, and hope they get here unbroken. Peter and I also dropped by Borders, as usual, and said hi to our friends there and checked out their shiny new cafe (SBC).

Dropped back by the folk's place and helped Dad move his new rocksaw and move a couple related things, and also checked out their new garage doors, very nice. Then Dad had Peter and I pick out our flight times and plane seats and payed for our tickets/used some of his miles. So, now we need to finish the last details of the wedding, get married, change my name, possibly go for a weekend camping trip with a couple friends of ours, then pack and head up to Alaska for a week. Whoo! Busy, busy, busy.

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