Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day One In Fairbanks

Here we are at the family BBQ at Chris and Sarah's house. We ate some good food, then attempted to watch West Side Story, but after watching a little of it, it was voted down and we watched Cry Baby instead, which was very silly. Then we headed back to the bachelor pad. Peter and I drove around for a while in Sue's car, which she so nicely let us borrow while we were there. We stopped by Good Karma, but they were already closed, and we drove by where Revolution had been. It was empty again, but the little strip mall it was in was otherwise filled up. The bright colored slat wall that Peter and Chris had put up was still there, which I thought was funny. We drove down the Johansen and saw all the new stuff that's sprung up there. Would've been nice if all those stores had been there when I grew up on that side of town, but whatever. ;) Then we dropped by West Freddies but surprisingly didn't see anyone we know. Then back to the bachelor pad to sleep.

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