Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day Two In Fairbanks

In the morning, we used our new Tracfone to call just about everyone to let them know we were in town and that we had a week to see them. Chris and Sabrina invited us to lunch and Peter and I suggested Food Factory. We had missed it so much! Alex called us to also ask us to go to lunch with him and Ellie, but we had to put it off for another day as we had just made plans. Peter and I ordered our favorite food, but were having so much fun talking and catching up, we forgot to order the brocolli chedder poppers. :( Mmmm, poppers. Chris, Peter and I really wanted to see Bourne Ultimatum, so we decided to go that evening, and that Chris would get Darrin to join us. Then Peter and I drove over to Fishtopia to see Rob. Peter knows Rob from when they were in the same dorm together at UAF. And I know Rob from fencing class, he was one of the TAs. We talked for several hours about his business, about people we all know, and other stuff. Then after he closed shop for the night, we followed him to his new beautiful house and got the tour. His house is made from thick concrete, and we made lots of jokes about how defensible it would be from a zombie invasion. Then we headed back into town to get to the movies. Sabrina didn't want to see the Bourne movie, so she didn't go, but I thought it was very good. A little too much "action camera" even when they were just standing and talking. Afterwards, Peter and I were hungry, so we drove over to Dennys for a bite. While we were waiting for our food, I overheard our waiter tell someone at a different table that his biological mother was married to James Brown. He said something after that that I didn't hear, so I have no idea if he meant the singer or not, but I thought it was interesting. Then, after food, it was back to Josh's place to sleep.

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