Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy (nearly) New Years!

It's kinda hard to believe that 2007 is almost over, but here we are again, just about to start a new year. I'm not a big fan of resolutions (mainly since most end up being far too unreachable, and then you're just setting yourself up for disappointment), but I think we do have atleast one achievable goal for 2008:

Get out of this apartment and into an actual house! Our neighbors finally moved out a little while back, and now we have new neighbors who seem to be nice enough, but are just as loud. Seriously, why does everyone in this complex have to slam their door everytime they leave? Why?

Our old neighbor had his parties and booming rap music - and after talking to him a few times he slowly learned to keep it under control (I think he realized he should be nicer to us after helping him get his stolen car back, but I can't be certain). The new neighbors apparently have an X-Box or something similar, and love their wargames, since right now it sounds like the building is getting shelled by mortar fire.

We're still not sure where exactly we want to live, but we want to have atleast a little bit of room around the house (like a good size yard, with some trees), and it obviously has to be larger than the apartment we're in now. We'd like to have another bedroom (to be a permanent gaming room for all of our miniature stuff), a bigger kitchen with more pantry/cupboard space and newer appliances, and more storage space in general. Oh, and definately a garage, preferably bigger than the one we have now.

Our lease is up in June, but we need to start looking soon, atleast to figure out what area we want to move to. And whatever job Jenny gets will have an impact on the location as well.

Otherwise, I'm sick again, this time something I picked up from hanging out with Tigger so much before Christmas. Her and Lincoln have both been sick, and it's obvious I've got the same thing.

The house is in post-holidays shambles - Jenny started taking down the Christmas decorations today, mainly because the tree is in the way of her studio stuff and her plants (since there really wasn't anywhere else to put it). So now we've got Christmas stuff (presents, decorations, wrapping paper, etc) scattered throughout the house in disarray.

And we got some more wedding pictures from Shane, as well some from Tigger, that we haven't uploaded yet. It'll all get done, eventually, I'm sure...

Thanks to everyone for all the Christmas cards and presents - here's wishing you a Happy and safe New Years! :)

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