Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Well, Christmas Eve is finally upon us, and hopefully everyone is having a happy holiday season. We finally got all of our Christmas cards out in the mail on Friday - so much for getting them sent out early (although it might still be earlier than last year)... Christmas shopping was finished over the weekend, and almost everything is wrapped. We'll be taking everything over to Jenny's folks' place tomorrow, where we'll be having Christmas dinner. It'll just be the immediate family this year - us, Jenny's parents and sister, and possibly Aunt Joan (she may have to work) - so it should be pretty low key and relaxing.

I'd be doing a lot better if I hadn't woken up on Friday with some sort of pinched nerve in my neck that hasn't really gone away. I took off of work and spent a good portion of the day laying on the floor of the studio. It's gotten a little better, but still feels like there's a giant knot in my back. It'll work out eventually, I'm sure - I'm just glad I had the long weekend to take it easy.

The roads have been horrible lately, and Tigger and I ended up in an accident on Saturday while we were out shopping. She was taking back roads (to avoid the traffic and hopefully be safer), but of course those were the iciest and she wasn't able to stop - we ended up sliding into the station wagon in front of us. Thanks to the sturdiness of her Bronco, both of us are fine and the Bronco only had a dent to show for it. Their station wagon, however, lost it's back window and the whole back end was crumpled.

Luckily the couple in the other car were really nice and understanding - they realized it really wasn't her fault, and we ended up driving them the rest of the way to their house, since their car was basically undrivable at that point. We eventually (slowly) made it back to the apartment, and Tigger ended up staying at our place for the night, just to be safe. Too bad the impact didn't knock my neck back to normal... :)

All things considered, I suppose we've had a pretty good year - We got married and got to to see a whole bunch of our friends and family in one place and then took a (much needed) vacation and saw a lot of friends who weren't able to make it down to our wedding. Jenny got to quit her job at Michael's and ended up with an awesome (if shortlived) experience working for the Kramarik family. We've met some great new friends this year, started saving money and are making plans for next year and the future.

So.... We'd like to wish everyone the best for the coming year and hope everybody's having a Merry Christmas!

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