Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wedding Pictures

So, I've been planning to go through all of the wedding pictures we have, picking out the best, editing and cleaning them up, and then putting together a collection to give people who might be interested. However, the whole process was rather... daunting (more like overwhelming).

Sooo.... instead, I decided to separate out the pics somewhat and then throw all of them up online, where anyone who wants to see them can, and they can pick the ones (if any) that they want to keep. They're all up on our new Flickr page: The wedding collection is also reachable by clicking the picture of us over there in the sidebar to the right of this entry.

We still need to do a bunch of editing, sorting, tagging and describing to these pictures, but it's a start. And since we've got the space, we'll probably be uploading a bunch of other pictures as well (such as our vacation and other trips, that sort of thing). :)

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