Monday, January 14, 2008

And Continuing the Fire Theme....

I got out of work about a half hour early today, since the fire alarms went off in our building around 4:30. It looks like it was a false alarm, although I didn't stick around to find out exactly what happened. My boss let us all go at 5, since we were just standing around in the cold across the street, and the firefighters who were there were talking amongst themselves (inside, where it's warm), and didn't seem in a hurry to let us in. I suppose I'll have to go back in tomorrow, since I haven't heard from her otherwise. :)

The word is that whatever the firefighters were looking for was on the 7th floor (the one above us). That's the allergy treatment center, and I can't imagine what might have set it off, although a couple of the ladies who work on that floor were wondering if someone might have just burnt their popcorn in the microwave.... Regardless, none of us saw any billowing smoke coming from the windows, so I don't think it was anything serious.

As far as Gamer's Haven is concerned, Russ (the owner) has been posting updates on the website's forum - he definately has insurance, and is now going through the oh-so-fun task of dealing with the insurance adjusters and fire department to see where he stands. He did post this evening that there were actually some miniatures in the big display case which somehow (amazingly) survived, and he's now matching up who has what.

Otherwise, not a whole lot else exciting today. We did some much needed grocery shopping after I left work and Jenny got her hair cut before that. Watched the second episode of the new Terminator show, which was awesome and taped the new Prisonbreak. Hopefully we'll be able to catch up on all those by the end of the week. And Jenny's watching Medium right now. So yeah, a whole lot of not a whole lot....

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