Monday, January 14, 2008

Up In Flames....

Gamer's Haven, our favorite game store down here, was destroyed today when the building it shared with some other businesses and apartments was engulfed in flame. No news yet on the cause, but some witnesses suspect that the fire started in the apartments (it's Idaho, so our first thought was a meth lab, unfortunately...).

I actually worked part time at Gamer's Haven for a short while when we lived over in Coeur d'Alene, before I got bumped up to full time at Borders. The owner, Bob, sold the business about 6 months ago to the new owner, Russ - I can't image what's going through either's mind right now.

The shop should be all insured, so hopefully it will return in some form, although that won't replace all of the painted miniatures and terrain - not to mention all the customers' miniatures that were stored there. There's more information regarding the incident in this news article.

I guess that new Lightning Comics store will be doing some more gaming related business than they initally expected in the coming months. Jenny stopped by there today when she went into CdA. Just as I suspected, it reminded her a lot of our shop. It was clean, neat and basically empty (she was one of five people there, and the only customer).

In lighter news, the new Terminator show (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) started tonight on FOX, and exceeded all of our expectations. I'm a big fan of the franchise (T-3 was our first date movie!), and I was pleased to see that the show lived up to the movies, with better action and special effects than are normally seen on a network show. The creators of Bionic Woman should take note - this is how it's done. The "premiere" continues tomorrow, with the show taking over it's normal Monday night slot. It was originally supposed to be on Sunday nights, but with no new Heroes episodes because of the writers' strike, FOX has a good chance of grabbing some of it's wayward viewers looking for a suitable replacement.

Otherwise, there's a new episode of Prisonbreak on tomorrow (but first we have to catch up on the last 3 hours of last season, which we still haven't watched), as well as a new Medium (which returned last week). Oh, and the new American Idol starts this week too (4 hours over Tuesday and Wednesday night). We'll probably have to watch that as well....

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